I am a creator and an explorer at heart, a visual artist and photographer in practice. I love to search for what allows the transformation of my thoughts into reality. As long as the result has visual impact, the effort is worthwhile. My aim is to create fine art work for my collectors to cherish for a long time.

I paint when I create from within and photograph when I take from the outside. When painting, I represent what is in my mind. When photographing, I remove some of what exists to leave only what my mind searches. I embrace analysis to keep advancing. My passion is the creation of abstract and conceptual art that shows the tension between intellect and intuition, enjoyment and surprise.

The black and white and colour digital art you see here is the result of lengthy exploration culminating in sophisticated abstract designs ideal for the interior décor of modern homes and offices of people who appreciate exclusivity. Not finding a term to describe my process, I coined the word “Katharography” meaning to clean, to purify which is what I do with the original photographs to produce my unique designs.

I thank you for spending time on my website. I wish you find my art enthralling and, when you fall in love with an artwork, you become a collector. That will make me very proud.




Carolina de la Cajiga
Multidisciplinary Explorer