Canada 150th Culture Days & Worldwide Photowalk

Canada 150th Culture Days & Worldwide Photowalk


Just a quick reminder of my next activities:

Canada 150th Culture Days Celebrations

Saturday, Oct 1, 1h30 – 4h00 pm

at the

Richmond Art Gallery – Board Room

We will be doing a free exploration of creativity and imagination.

Bring an open mind, your camera, cell, or a pad and pen to draw.

Imagination should be taken seriously. The Rediscovery of Wonder.

See you there!


Art, Beach and Sunset Worldwide Photowalk

Saturday, Oct 7, 4h30 – 7h00 pm

at the

Laughing Guys Sculpture .  Morton Park

Davie @ Denman . West End . Vancouver

I will lead  this photowalk in support of The Springs of Hope Kenya Orphanage.

Register to participate in the photography contest.  It’s free.  There are lots of prizes.

Check details here.


And last, the

Eastside Culture Crawl

will be this November

Thursday 16, 5 pm to 10 pm  Opening Party

Friday 17, 5 pm to 10 pm

Saturday 18, and Sunday 19, 11 am to 6 pm

See you at my studio

#480, 1000 Parker Street Studios, Vancouver

Mark your calendar.

More information in my next news.