United States of Fear

United States of Fear

A few box knives and 19 people have done the unthinkable –until a week ago. They wounded the heart of the Western world, by destroying one of the most recognized landmarks, killing, we are told, 3000 people, and damaging the first world economy to such an extent that in less than 7 days more than 100 000 people have lost their jobs and hundreds of companies are on the brink of bankruptcy.

What will happen next? A furious retaliation that will destroy more lives on both sides; bring further alienation, more daring terrorist acts, the collapse of the economy?

Why not take this opportunity to bring real justice and equality to the world? The culprits should be tried and punished by a truly international court –free of interference. The U.N. must be allowed to carry on their duties without meddling from any country. The Security Council must have equal participation from all member countries –all countries truly equal- no one country over and above the rest. This would bring balance to the world –and peace, followed by a flourishing economy not just for a few privileged in the West but for everybody in the world.

In the future, when looking back at these events, whoever takes this challenge will be looked at as the greatest hero ever.

September 21, 2001.

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