Art Statement

Art Statement

“What you see is not what is but what your mind sees”

I am the creator of Katharography, fine art designs which originate from capturing extremely fast moving light with a camera and then searching for the hidden gems. As an archeologist slowly brushes away the dust surrounding a found object, I carefully remove the photograph’s noise to leave only what my mind sees. I radically reduce or amplify the elements in the original shot to “purify” the image. The result is symmetrical or asymmetrical renderings which show a tension between static and dynamic forces. In the end, are they photographs? What you see is not what is but what your mind sees…

My aim is to keep exploring; I love to search for what will allow the transformation of my thoughts into reality. My background in painting and sculpture shows in the finished images, some of which take a 3-D look, while others become sleek designs.

To describe my technique, I coined the term “Katharography” from the Greek Katharós = to scratch, to clean, to purify, and Graphy = to illustrate. Coincidentally, Katharós also means oak tree which is what Cajiga, my last name, means.

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