Final Thoughts Before Tonight’s Opening…

Final Thoughts Before Tonight’s Opening…


Wall Centre Towers, English Bay (5773)

Wall Centre Towers Over English Bay 

Everything is ready for tonight’s opening at the Ferry Building Gallery. The process to get to this moment has been lengthy and winding. It started many years ago when buildings started replacing single homes in Vancouver in great numbers. I found most of the new constructions, with a few exceptions, boring, cookie-cutter copies of each other, undefined, confusing… All those little windows made we wonder if there was some sort of safety regulation… One day, I decided to translate to paper what I would like buildings in these glorious lands to look like -more organic and in tune with the surrounding nature. Technology allowed me to ‘build’ what my mind saw. In the process, I also started to pay attention to the quick escalation of real estate prices which were causing long-time residents to have to move out and also turning our city into an international piggy bank and holiday resort.

This week’s article in the Georgia Straight on the Capture Photography Festival chose to feature the exhibitions which deal with these issues -are they a barometer of the people’s emotional frame of mind? “To be a Vancouverite in 2018 means living in a state of constant concern for one’s future. While the city continues to top livability and quality-of-life indexes, it’s becoming harder to feel at home in a place where housing prices have grown exorbitantly out of reach…” Here’s the full article.

Lots to think about. Some of these issues will be discussed at the panel on Sunday, April 15, 2-4 pm. I’m sure the panellists will illuminate us all. They are people in the know:

Greg Bellerby, editor of “The West Coast Modern House” book and former director/curator of the Charles H. Scott Gallery at the Emily Carr University of Art + Design.

Raymond Fung, Director of Engineering & Transportation at the District of West Vancouver.

Nathan Pachal, Langley City Councillor and author of the transportation blog South Fraser.

Bryce Tupper, Vice President of Planning & Development of British Pacific Properties.

Space is limited, I highly recommend booking your seat.

I hope to see you tonight at the opening and at any of the other events at the Ferry Building Gallery. These are the schedules -please note the correct times:


Ferry Building Gallery, West Vancouver, BC

EXHIBITION: April 10 -29, 2018

OPENING RECEPTION:  April 10, 6-8pm

MEET THE ARTIST: April 14,  2-3 pm    * correct time

PANEL DISCUSSION: April 15, 2- 4 pm  * correct time

Gallery admission is free. Open: Tuesday – Sunday, 11 am to 5 pm.






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