The ‘Rielera’ is back + Urban Shift is coming…

The ‘Rielera’ is back + Urban Shift is coming…

Paris 68 & La Rielera

Paris ’68 & La Rielera

The “Rielera” is back reminding us that 50 years ago, a student protest at the Sorbonne in Paris against the government of Charles de Gaulle escalated to a social revolution as workers and the general population joined in demanding rights, better conditions, and wage increases. By the end of May, two-thirds of the French workforce were on strike, and by the end of the year, there were similar revolutions in other countries around the world. The economy was doing great but just for a few -sounds familiar? What has happened since then? Do we need a revision again? Are you willing to fight?




Urban Shift Exhibition. I’ll be showing artworks at the Deer Lake Art Gallery in Burnaby, together with Martha Jablonski-Jones, from June 9 to the 30.

Real estate and all its implications is a hot topic. How did we get here? What are we doing about this? My whimsical work is meant to incite thinking. I do not claim to know what should be done. I just want our city to continue being a unique, livable place -a paradise some would say- for decades to come. Look at what surrounds us! Imagine what our actions today will turn it into tomorrow. We are responsible for what we leave for future generations.

The opening is at noon on Saturday, June 9. I’ll give an artist’s talk at 2 pm on Saturday, June 16. Martha’s talk will be on Saturday, June 23 at 2 pm.

My book “City in Flux – Work in Progress” will be on sale. 25% will be donated to increase the funding of my Entrance Scholarship at Emily Carr University to aid first year students.

Hope to see you there!




Carolina shooting in GastownIt was cool to have been part of photographer Rennie Brown’s project  ‘Vancouver Artists in Studio’. Rennie chose to photograph me in Gastown as the streets are my studio for the  “City in Flux – Work in Progress” series I’m now working on.


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